Daemonic Incursions

by Haagenti

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released May 1, 2013

All songs recorded between December 2012 and April 2013 at Ireland Flanger Studios on Long Island, New York. Artwork and mastering by Antonio Freyre.



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Track Name: Pulsar Experiment
Shrouded in solar mists
On the shores of time
Encoded in nucleotides lies
Fractallized reality
DeLocalized pairings emit
Flourescent Radiation
Crystallized in vacuum and
Obscured by the void

There are unseen forces at work...

Within the cobwebs of spectral perception
anti-matter radicals constantly combat
A vast network of matter binding reality together

Serpent rope unfolds
Boring into flesh
Lacerating tubulin
Liquified remains

Sapient life rendered into a seared gory mass.
Azure sparks incinerate eukaryotic past.
Ozonolysis of breathable air
Sigils materialize in crimson red flare

Disulfide bonds break
Complete sublimation of organic matter

Through the warp rift multiple beings retreat
Non-euclidian technology confused for sorcery
The temporal wall is ruptured
The horizon is eternally scarred
Track Name: Skyless Aeon
Fading memories of a dismal past
Confined in FEMA camps for our protection
Sanity is slowly seeping from my mind
Horrified I glance as our dimension is torn apart

We are told to fire at will
against this multidimensional scourge
Bullets ricochet from their smoldering aegis into me
I bleed into this skyless aeon

Gusts of fury wash over the entrenchment
as I'm ripped through a rupture in the cosmic wall

Unable to comprehend what I see
Gas giants on the skyline, vast nebulae encompass this plane

This skyless aeon we called Earth has yielded our defeat
Unearth the buried evil, primordial veil shattered before my eyes

I scramble to my feet
To my surprise they no longer work
Looking for the way I came
It seems the abyss has swallowed me

The ground crumbles beneath me
as adenosine stores are drained from my body
Onset of muscular fatigue
Paralyzed with fear in this skyless aeon
Track Name: The Elder God Shrine
Suspended in limbo
I feel the caress of the ancients
Innumerable forms gather in a sea of malevolence
Terrestrial norms destroyed, my vision blurs

This plane lies beyond the reach of "God"
Vast cyclopean architecture looms overhead
I cannot fathom the grandeur of this place
Inside the unreal, the elder gods await

Cryogenically manipulated
This army has lied dormant for "eternity"
My terrestrial weaponry is useless
I am to be sacrificed to Shub-Niggurath

Basking in the aura of superior entities
My past and present selfe converge into the nether
Azure walls glisten under the bleeding sky
I am dismembered at the Elder God Shrine

Revived as a legionnaire in the demonic army
My mortal shell bolstered by crackling energies
Intensified reflexes grant super human strength
I drift into the soulstream and pass through the slipgate

Our target is the vaults of zin
Where the runes of light are etched into steel
If they are ionized, our energies are rendered useless
Track Name: Runic Inferno
Remote viewing
Peering through molecular cascade
Elemental runes now lay at my disposal

Obliteration of foes
Must come from a stoic resolve
Deposited in a grotesque swamp
The rift closes behind me
Treading through filth
the smell is overpowering
Meters away a jade tablet
Inscribed with runes of death

As I run my hand across the stone
A frigid wind overtakes me

Shrieks sound in the distance
Lifeforms to be purged
I must find the other runes
Cov a lently linked to eachother

From the waters emerge
The watchers forever vigilant
I m mense power vortex forms
And sears their flesh from existence

I stumble upon a dense thicket
The source of the infernal noise
Four tablets I seek lay suspended in the air
Inferior life abounds, much weaker than the watchers
I see now what must be done
My armor glows red my eyes bleed fire
Track Name: Canis Majoris
We drift on
Humbled by it's grace
Enraging thoughts overcome me
The insignificance of the human race
brought to bear, full force in our orbit

As I reflect on my existence
The odds of the limited elements
forging me in this way
Deleterious mutations
my bloodline ends here

Enslaved by the Vadrigar
Into a life of carnage
Never to be free
Never to return
Track Name: Afterglow
Tornadoes of ash now circle me
A runic inferno lies in my wake
Coagulation of gamma radiation
Decalcifies my pineal gland

As I behold
a swathe of planar multitudes
My senses grant me
A mystifying sight my eyes recruit
Tryptamine surge manifests physically
Transport across galactic arm, moved empirically

Materialized in the defrag realm of "Undergate"
Plasma jets off the crater that I create

My body drifts quickly into the magnetic field
Unfathomable speeds propelled along mobius wheel

Twisting through pockets of dense atmospheric pressure
my skin tightens, intense paresthesia turns to ecstasy

A faint afterglow
still lingers after my jour ney ends
I find myself once again
Sitting atop the solar cliffs
On the shores of time...

The temporal wall was ruptured and I fell through
A hellish dimension amidst chaos and depravity
Wanderlust has left me
And I'm immersed into the crystal pools of eternity