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Tornadoes of ash now circle me
A runic inferno lies in my wake
Coagulation of gamma radiation
Decalcifies my pineal gland

As I behold
a swathe of planar multitudes
My senses grant me
A mystifying sight my eyes recruit
Tryptamine surge manifests physically
Transport across galactic arm, moved empirically

Materialized in the defrag realm of "Undergate"
Plasma jets off the crater that I create

My body drifts quickly into the magnetic field
Unfathomable speeds propelled along mobius wheel

Twisting through pockets of dense atmospheric pressure
my skin tightens, intense paresthesia turns to ecstasy

A faint afterglow
still lingers after my jour ney ends
I find myself once again
Sitting atop the solar cliffs
On the shores of time...

The temporal wall was ruptured and I fell through
A hellish dimension amidst chaos and depravity
Wanderlust has left me
And I'm immersed into the crystal pools of eternity


from Daemonic Incursions, released May 1, 2013



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