Pulsar Experiment

from by Haagenti

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Shrouded in solar mists
On the shores of time
Encoded in nucleotides lies
Fractallized reality
DeLocalized pairings emit
Flourescent Radiation
Crystallized in vacuum and
Obscured by the void

There are unseen forces at work...

Within the cobwebs of spectral perception
anti-matter radicals constantly combat
A vast network of matter binding reality together

Serpent rope unfolds
Boring into flesh
Lacerating tubulin
Liquified remains

Sapient life rendered into a seared gory mass.
Azure sparks incinerate eukaryotic past.
Ozonolysis of breathable air
Sigils materialize in crimson red flare

Disulfide bonds break
Complete sublimation of organic matter

Through the warp rift multiple beings retreat
Non-euclidian technology confused for sorcery
The temporal wall is ruptured
The horizon is eternally scarred


from Daemonic Incursions, released May 1, 2013



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