The Elder God Shrine

from by Haagenti

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Suspended in limbo
I feel the caress of the ancients
Innumerable forms gather in a sea of malevolence
Terrestrial norms destroyed, my vision blurs

This plane lies beyond the reach of "God"
Vast cyclopean architecture looms overhead
I cannot fathom the grandeur of this place
Inside the unreal, the elder gods await

Cryogenically manipulated
This army has lied dormant for "eternity"
My terrestrial weaponry is useless
I am to be sacrificed to Shub-Niggurath

Basking in the aura of superior entities
My past and present selfe converge into the nether
Azure walls glisten under the bleeding sky
I am dismembered at the Elder God Shrine

Revived as a legionnaire in the demonic army
My mortal shell bolstered by crackling energies
Intensified reflexes grant super human strength
I drift into the soulstream and pass through the slipgate

Our target is the vaults of zin
Where the runes of light are etched into steel
If they are ionized, our energies are rendered useless


from Daemonic Incursions, released May 1, 2013



all rights reserved



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