Skyless Aeon

from by Haagenti

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Fading memories of a dismal past
Confined in FEMA camps for our protection
Sanity is slowly seeping from my mind
Horrified I glance as our dimension is torn apart

We are told to fire at will
against this multidimensional scourge
Bullets ricochet from their smoldering aegis into me
I bleed into this skyless aeon

Gusts of fury wash over the entrenchment
as I'm ripped through a rupture in the cosmic wall

Unable to comprehend what I see
Gas giants on the skyline, vast nebulae encompass this plane

This skyless aeon we called Earth has yielded our defeat
Unearth the buried evil, primordial veil shattered before my eyes

I scramble to my feet
To my surprise they no longer work
Looking for the way I came
It seems the abyss has swallowed me

The ground crumbles beneath me
as adenosine stores are drained from my body
Onset of muscular fatigue
Paralyzed with fear in this skyless aeon


from Daemonic Incursions, released May 1, 2013



all rights reserved



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